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Protect your spaces against the COVID19 health emergency

99,9% efficacy against virus & bacteria through the action of dry steam combined with hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate.

Best selling and most versatile machines for steam cleaning in commercial and industrial sectors.

Manufacturer of steam generators and sanification equipment

Utilizing our state-of-the-art dry steam technology, since 1977 we have been helping businesses achieve the highest level of cleanliness and sanitizing possible. Our expertise in research and development has allowed the company to take advantage of the potential of steam cleaning while maintaining the maximum level of safety for the operators.
Our steam generators and cleaners represent the top for industrial and professional applications and are available in different configurations.

Menikini’s presence in international trade shows provides crucial meeting points to meet our team of professionals.

Steam: a sustainable investment

Interviewed by Il Giornale, our CEO Massimiliano Menichini talks about steam sanitation as a sustainable alternative to polluting chemicals, to protect the environment while safeguarding health.
According to Menichini, the approach to sanitation must change with a view of long-term investment for a 360-degree environmental care, chemical free and fragrance free.

Menikini steam for Radio News 24

Interviewed by Radio News 24, Massimiliano Menichini talks about the history of the Menikini brand, about the sanitizing properties of dry steam generators and about how, with the pandemic, the sanitation of environments has become a priority that was underrated up to now.

Moving forward with a new website

Closer to our customers with the 2021 version!

Menikini by your side to fight COVID-19

With the severe pandemic unfolding, it is important for businesses to use the proper cleaning tools and methods to reduce the risk of infection.

Environments Ho.Re.Ca. 100% sanitized

The use of high temperature steam guarantees the complete elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Health comes first with Menikini

Sanitization and disinfection with dry saturated steam of hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

Future of food safety

The first World Food Safety Day (WFSD) was celebrated on 7 June 2019 to raise awareness and find measures to prevent and manage food-borne risks, contributing to food security, human health and economy, agriculture, access to markets, tourism and sustainability.

Giving Ghana's children a future

The Menikini team proudly supports the Chicchi di Caffè (Coffee beans) Onlus located in Kwamoso, Ghana. This not-for-profit organisation aims to provide healthcare, safety and love to children who experience disability, domestic abuse, neglect, ghettoization and extreme poverty in Ghana.


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