Food industry

Confectionery industry Snack production lines Dried pasta manufacturers Ready meal production lines
clean and sanitize a multitude of surfaces including stainless, aluminium, brass, plastic, vinyl, polypropylene, painted surfaces, and many others
clean and sanitize all processing and packaging equipment
cleaning of batching systems
clean and sanitize refrigeration systems
cleaning and sanitizing of blending tanks
removal of moulds and bacteria
sanitizing filters and grilles
cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts


Bakeries Pastry Industrial ovens
clean baking and tunnel ovens
clean and sanitize flat and mesh conveyor belts automatically
clean and sanitize any surface inclusive of all make-up, processing and packaging equipment
sanitize refrigeration systems
clean grease buildup on floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards, vents, and dryers


Breweries Bottling lines for wine, juice and soft drinks Bottled water production Filling machines
stainless steel surfaces
polishing of chrome-plate surfaces
clean large bottling lines
storage and blending tanks
kill harmful pathogens on contact, including Listeria, E-coli, and Salmonella


Fruit juice packaging lines Fruits & vegetables packaging line Pasta packaging lines Pastry packaging lines
stainless steel surfaces
cleaning of conveyor belts, chains, belts, rollers and packings
wrapping and cartoning equipment
sanitize tanks of any size
polishing of chrome-plate surfaces

Education & community

Nurseries Kindergartens Primary schools Gymnasiums Universities Conference centers Theatres Cinemas
sanitizing of medical and orthopaedic equipment, litters and rolling chairs, floors and waiting rooms
elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi
contact surfaces, glass, mirrors and parquet
bathrooms, changing rooms and showers
cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts, filters, grilles and plastic-chromed equipment

Health care

Hospitals Clinics Ambulatories and offices First aid centers Ambulances Dental clinics Veterinary clinic Assisted living residences
ambulatories sanitizing
deep cleaning of floors and waiting rooms
sanitizing mattresses, pillows and bed lines
litters and rolling chairs sanitizing
cleaning and sanitizing of medical offices, canteens and hospital kitchens
cleaning and sanitizing of medical cabinets
cleaning and disinfecting of food processing areas
cleaning, sanitation and removal of stains and mould from mattresses


Hotels Resorts B&B Retirement homes Campsites Holiday houses Beach resorts Vacation rentals
cleaning of parquet, wood strips, tiles and majolica
removal of stains and odors from pile carpets, coverings and seats
removing chewing gum from sidewalks and common areas
sanitizing of bathrooms and polishing of chromed pipes
cleaning of lifts, ventilation ducts, windows and mirrors

Cleaning companies

Facility management Company offices Police stations Fire stations Government offices
deep cleaning of floors, parquet, windows, glass, mirrors and contact surfaces
polishing chrome
sanitizing of bathrooms
cleaning of ventilation ducts, filters and grilles
chewing gum removal
removal of stains and odors from pile carpets, coverings and seats


Steel tanks Filter systems Bottling machines Filling machines Surfaces Oak and casks barrels & mono-blocks
barrique regeneration
removal of deposits
sanitizing of steel tanks
sanitizing of filters
cleaning of glass, sanitary fittings and floors
elimination of mould, bacteria and parasites
sanitize and refresh oak barrels


Snack-bars Pubs Pizzerias Pubs Restaurants Private clubs Pubs Canteens Cafeterias
workbenches ovens, burners, steel and chrome surfaces
machinery and equipment
sinks, tanks and bins
washable walls, floors, tops and windows
removing grease and deposits from steel, teflon and tile
elimination of odors, germs, parasites and virus


Pharmaceutical industry Coating plants Industrial plants Mechanical industry Manufacturing industry Chemical industry
cleaning of heat exchangers, air-conditioners, filters and ventilation grilles
cleaning transmission systems, oil sumps, motors and crankcases
removal of grease and encrustation from floors, fixed structures and scales


Manufacturers of beauty products Manufacturers of body cleaning products Soaps and detergent production lines
cleaning of production lines and bottling plants
remove deposits from conveyor belts and gears
elimination of process waste
sanitization of laboratories


Public transport Sea transport (ships, ferries, boats and yachts) Land transport (buses, trains, trams, trucks and taxis) Air transport
elimination of smells
sanitizing upholstery, seats and floors
killing of pathogens such as mites, bacteria and fungi
cleaning of spots hard to reach

Spa & sport

Fitness centers Gyms Pools Wellness centers Beautician centers Hair salons
elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi
sanitizing of contact surfaces
cleaning of glass, mirrors and parquet
sanitizing of saunas and Turkish baths, hydromassages, wellbeing and massage parlours
sanitizing of swimming pool edges, showers and changing rooms
cleaning parquet in sport centers

Pest control

Domestic environments HO.RE.CA. Industrial environments Facilities Transportation
Dry steam applied to mattresses, couches and carpets will virtually eliminate all bedbugs including the hard to kill eggs.
Ticks are brought home by pets and often infest trains and other public transportation. They are vectors of a number of serious diseases. Vapor penetrates into cracks where ticks can hide.
Mites and acari cause several forms of allergic diseases, including hay fever, asthma and eczema. They are usually found in beds and on carpets. Periodic steam sanitization eliminates these troublesome pathogens.
Fleas transmit serious diseases through their bite. Dry steam is the best tool to fight an infestation because the thermal shock kills them instantly without the use of insecticides.

Car wash

Auto dealers Car washes Detailing Company fleets Transport companies
cleaning of dashboard, windows, upholstery and carpets
killing of pathogens such as mites, bacteria and fungi
engines and undercarriage cleaning
brighter shining polish
no limits due to legal restrictions for traditional water intensive car washing systems
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