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Application examples:

sanitation of any type of surface
cleaning of parquet and wood strips
removal of stains and odors from pile carpets, coverings and seats
removal of chewing gum from coverings and floors
in depth sanitation of bathrooms
polishing of chromed pipes and surfaces
cleaning of lifts, ventilation ducts, windows, mirrors, parquet
cleaning and disinfecting of food processing areas
cleaning, sanitation and removal of stains and mould from mattresses

Hotel accommodations, residences, health resorts and all types of small and large tourism facilities have particular needs concerning sanitizing and hygiene. Due to the frequency of check in and check out, as well as room service, the cleaning staff is required to be fast and efficient.
Sanitation, rapidity, a reduced use of invasive detergents and freshness are characteristics that are typical of environments treated with dry saturated steam.
Menikini machines also provide an unrivaled anti-allergic and anti-mite tool and are unsurpassed on carpets, rugs, armchairs and in the depth cleaning of the ventilation systems.

Chemical free and Fragrance free environments

Dry steam technology is an eco-sustainable solution that allows you to clean and sanitize effectively without using chemicals. Our steam generators meet the needs of companies in the Hospitality sector looking for cleaning solutions capable of drastically reducing the use of solvents and chemical detergents. In this way, they can ensure their customers Chemical free and Fragrance free environments, guaranteeing a better air quality in the rooms, with a significant decrease in volatile chemicals that can create feelings of discomfort.

chemical free and fragrance free

Safe and clean with dry steam technology

Menikini steam generators promote ecological cleaning by saving on the use of detergents and solvents (about 70%) and low consumption of water. They guarantee Chemical Free and Fragrance Free environments, for better air quality, greater safety and customer satisfaction.

Sanitize environments with dry steam

This article on ethical building explains how dry steam technology is essential for a deep and sanitizing cleaning of living environments.
Menikini steam generators avoid water waste, reduce the use of chemicals thus eliminating unpleasant odors for better air quality and guarantee efficient and economical cleaning.

Innovation for healthier living

In an article from the magazine Ok Salute, the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA) in collaboration with Menikini, talks about technological innovation for sanitation, from disinfection of surfaces with steam to the use of photocatalytic technology to purify the air, up to digital therapies.

Menikini by your side to fight COVID-19

With the severe pandemic unfolding, it is important for businesses to use the proper cleaning tools and methods to reduce the risk of infection.

Environments Ho.Re.Ca. 100% sanitized

The use of high temperature steam guarantees the complete elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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