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Stationary steam generators for industry

Food & mechanical industry
Beverage & packaging industry
Wine cellars
Industrial catering
Health care

The word “Process” identifies stationary steam generators installed on a production line. They offer greater ease of use than mobile machines and are designed for complex cleaning cycles. They allow the delivery of dry steam at constant pressure during prolonged use, even 24/24h. They can be managed automatically by the customer’s production line and combined with suction systems. It is possible to position them at a considerable distance from the place of use, for better integration in available spaces.
Simple to use and maintain, they can be installed in any environment.

Stationary dry steam generators are recommended for cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing of industrial plants or products during processing.

Application examples:

sanitary disinfection & sterile environments
food & dairy sterilization
food cooking
container heating
plastic & labels heat-shrinking
tobacco processing
dental techniques
fabric processing
wood shaping
metal drying
fur industry
degreasing of pre-painting plastics & metals during processing
hammam & Turkish baths
thermal heating (radiators)
mushroom cultivation
beer production
bread polishing

Steam is an energy carrier widely used in the food and beverage industry, thanks to some specific characteristics:

Cleans and sanitizes

it is sterile, therefore effective in sanitizing production lines and food containers

Air humidity under control

it is used for the humidification of environments where a controlled atmosphere is required

Uniform temperature cooking

it is dispensed at high temperatures of 165 °C, allowing to reach operating temperatures more quickly; for this reason it is used in many cooking processes in sausage factories and dairies, where it can be blown directly or made to flow into the cavity of double-bottomed containers, ensuring uniform heat distribution

Remote management

it is an advantageous fluid regarding performance and energy saving, being characterized by a very high efficiency in the transport of thermal energy. Thanks to its under pressure state it doesn’t need pumps to be transported to the place of use

Stationary dry steam generators

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