Menikini steam cleaning on “Life - ambiente, salute e società”

Steam and its features explained in a video service on "Life - ambiente, salute e società", produced by SIMA (Italian Society of Environmental Medicine) The video also talks about how Menikini is opening up to civil society to promote Chemical-free e il Fragrance-free in daily operations for cleaning, hygiene and sanitation, and to spread word about the benefits of using steam.

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Safe and clean with dry steam technology

Menikini steam generators promote ecological cleaning by saving on the use of detergents and solvents (about 70%) and low consumption of water. They guarantee Chemical Free and Fragrance Free environments, for better air quality, greater safety and customer satisfaction.

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Sanitize environments with dry steam

This article on ethical building explains how dry steam technology is essential for a deep and sanitizing cleaning of living environments.
Menikini steam generators avoid water waste, reduce the use of chemicals thus eliminating unpleasant odors for better air quality and guarantee efficient and economical cleaning.

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Innovation for healthier living

In an article from the magazine Ok Salute, the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA) in collaboration with Menikini, talks about technological innovation for sanitation, from disinfection of surfaces with steam to the use of photocatalytic technology to purify the air, up to digital therapies.

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Steam: a sustainable investment

Interviewed by Il Giornale, our CEO Massimiliano Menichini talks about steam sanitation as a sustainable alternative to polluting chemicals, to protect the environment while safeguarding health.
According to Menichini, the approach to sanitation must change with a view of long-term investment for a 360-degree environmental care, chemical free and fragrance free.

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Menikini steam for Radio News 24

Interviewed by Radio News 24, Massimiliano Menichini talks about the history of the Menikini brand, about the sanitizing properties of dry steam generators and about how, with the pandemic, the sanitation of environments has become a priority that was underrated up to now.

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