100% ecologic weed killing with saturated dry steam

For parks, sports fields, playgrounds and kinder gardens.
Have you ever notice the edges of urban and extra-urban roads, but also in parks or relaxation areas, a reddish-yellow color vegetation zones in total contrast to the rest of the vegetation? This means that instead of traditional grass cutting, herbicide has been sprayed.

The active ingredient in most of the herbicides on the market is the Gliphosate, a non-selective herbicide that kills indiscriminately almost any plant and that in the past appeared to be not harmful to health.
The chronic exposure to the substance has resulted in the long run to create greater toxicity risks to health, and what emerges is a higher incidence of cancers of the blood, changes to the endocrine system, hormonal dysfunctions and damage on brain neurotransmission mechanisms.

Menikini, a leading manufacturer of dry steam generators, studied and designated a steam generator which is able to 'exterminate' all the weeds by natural thermal shock, incurs no risk to human health.

Ideal where chemical weeding is forbidden
Does not release harmful substances
No need for a license to use phytosanitary products
No need to fill any register of plant protection treatments
Treatment area has not to be delimited during or after the treatment
Do not sets fire dry vegetation during use
It does not require use D.P.I
The treatment may be performed before or after the rainfall

With the EU implementing regulation 2016/1313, which modifies the same EU regulation 540/2011, it is defined specifically that:
the revocation of glyphosate in areas frequented by the public or by vulnerable groups in Article 15, paragraph 2, letter a) Legislative Decree n. 150/2012 such as: parks, gardens, sports fields and recreational areas, playgrounds and green areas within school buildings, kinder garden and adjacent areas to health facilities; or pre-harvest for the sole purpose of optimizing the crop or threshing within 6 months, with effect from August 22 2016, for use by end users.

ecologic weed killing

| September 2016


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